Sevenaar | Fraud Awareness

Fraud Awareness

We are committed to protecting our clients from fraud and would like to raise awareness on how to avoid being victim of a fraud or a scam.

Remain vigilant at all times

Fraudsters constantly use new tactics to decieve and they can be very convincing. Please note that we will never: -

  • Ask you for your password in any mode of communication.
  • Assume your consent in providing our services.
  • Ask you to update your information by email.
  • Call you from a withheld or a private phone number.
  • Email you from a non email address.
  • As you for any personal information via email.
  • Cold call for any reason.

Use complex password

When choosing a password, always use different passwords for different websites. This includes password you choose as a client to login to our client portal. Please keep your password length to at least 8 characters. A combination of a long password together with special characters makes it difficult for hackers to guess your password.

Genuine representation

We will never call from a withheld or a private phone number. We use our published phone number to speak to everyone. We also never share anyone's details except in cases where required by law.

If you suspect a fraud

Cease all communications at first instance and report your suspicion to Action Fraud. You can refer the following links for more guidance: -

Please also report to