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Helping clients invest their money professionally

Independent Investment Advice

Wider range of investment choices. Unbiased and impartial advice at all times.

Ethical Focus at all times

Everything that we do, is built on a foundation of ethical principles.

Bespoke Service as Standard

Clients always get a bespoke service with no additional charges

Our Investment Advice Service

Your investment portfolio is an extension of your financial strategy.

Individual circumstances evolve all the time which is why we aim to develop a relationship to better adapt to your changing needs in order to give you the best possible advice.

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Who we serve

Individuals and Families

Every family and its needs are unique. We can help to identify which investment strategy will work towards preserving or capital growing or generating any income from it. We can also design an investment strategy if you have specific goals in mind.

We can help answer questions like: -

  • Will I have enough money to last through retirement?
  • How can my investments support my children's university expenses?
  • Will I be able to lead a comfortable lifestyle in the future?
  • My children need a loan. Can I afford to help them?


Women are known to live longer than men and consequentially, the strategies for financial stability, retirement security, capital preservation and growth are slightly different.

We can help answer questions like: -

  • I’m interested in working with someone who understands my unique financial situation.
  • I’m recently widowed and would like to start investing to have a better future. Where should I start?
  • I’m going through a divorce. What can I do to maintain a good lifestyle in my retirement?


We use sophisticated tools and techniques to prepare an optimum investment plan and portfolio to work along with any existing investment positions you have. This includes by not limited to risk reduction, minimizing tax liability, addressing concentrated stock positions to reduce risk, and increasing diversification within your existing investments.

We can help answer questions like: -

  • What should I be doing with my employer stock options?
  • How can I effectively manage the various aspects of a concentrated stock position?

Our Adviser

Bhushan Malik, CFA® is Sevenaar's Principal Investment Adviser. He is currently a regular member of the CFA Society UK, CFA Institute and the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI). He earned his CFA Charter in August 2019 after completed all 3 levels of the CFA Program; all in first attempt. He has over 15 years of experience working in the financial industry and has worked for companies like Barclays Wealth, London Stock Exchange, Royal Bank of Scotland, BNP Paribas, CQS besides many others as a financial technology consultant. His methods are deeply technical in nature that help him in evaluating the best possible solution to a problem.