Investment Portfolios

Investment Portfolios

Bespoke portfolios

Every client is different with unique circumstances and that's why a ready-made portfolio may not always work. Sevenaar's bespoke portfolio takes into account all factors unique to a client and incorporates different risk factors from different asset classes that drive returns.

What is a Multi-Asset Class Portfolio?

A multi-asset class that combines exposure to different asset classes in a single portfolio. The resultant portfolio is expected to generate returns based on its risk profile.

Balanced investment portfolio
Aggressive investment portfolio
Cautious investment portfolio
Adventurous investment portfolio

And within each asset class, you could have different types of investments which exhibit same risk-return characteristics.

A high-risk portfolio

High-risk investment portfolio

Distribution of investment types within equities

High-risk investment portfolio

The performance of your investments is subject to risk(s). Its performance may fluctuate based on movements in the market and economic condition(s). Capital at risk. Currency movements may also affect the value of investments. You may get back less than you originally invested. Tax treatment is based on individual's unique circumstances. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance.

What is ESG Investing?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Clients are increasingly aware and concerned about these non financial factors in their investment portfolios. Researching and analysing these factors which contribute and affect risk-return profile of an investment due to Environmental, Social, and Governance issues have therefore become even more important. Constructing a portfolio that manages ESG risks is an ongoing challenge as investments continually exhibit changing risk levels to these factors.

Environmental Risk

Concerns about the environment and its preservation

Social Risk

Concerns about managing relationships with stakeholders

Governance Risk

Concerns about governance issues to improve company standards

Every bespoke portfolio at Sevenaar

Risk managed

Your portfolio is constructed based on your risk-profile.


Your portfolio has a mix of asset classes that distribute risks appropriately.


Your portfolio is constructed using simulation techniques resulting in an optimum level of risk-adjusted expected returns.

Portfolio compositions shown above are hypothetical and are only for illustration purposes. A bespoke portfolio may not be ideal in certain circumstances, in which case alternative options may be offered.